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"Meditation for Strivers"

Unfold was built on the realization that yoga and meditation made us better at our jobs. And it’s true; it does. Meditation has entered into Corporate America with a swift promise to bump ROI, increase mental focus, and make us more efficient in everything. More, faster, better! I’m sure this is exactly what “loving kindness” meant to “achieve”. Hmmm.

A great question, posed in an article “Meditation for Strivers” in The New Yorker: “How did strivers everywhere come to appropriate a twenty-five-hundred-year-old philosophy of non-striving?”

As uncomfortable as the word “mysticism” might make your average suit, it’s part of the package. Yes, these ancient, sacred traditions can help us strive. By becoming more mindful, more attuned to our breath, our bodies, our feelings, and our fellow humans, we can become better career driven professionals. Let’s be sure we don’t crush all that is sacred in the process.

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