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Meditation Fuels Work

"What makes meditation palatable to entrepreneurs and executives these days is that it is perceived as a tool to help increase productivity. A quiet mind more easily recognizes unexpected business opportunities and is poised to react more astutely."

A recent New York Times article reiterates what Unfold has known all along: meditation can help you become better at your job. "Meditation is more than peace of mind... it fuels work."

Not only that, but it may help you find a new job as well. By practicing yoga and meditation at work or in networking groups, you will find youreslf rubbing shoulders with like minded professionals - those who care about their personal growth as well as their professional careers. Strive to succeed in both areas of your life and you will create a sense of harmony and balance.

Stay tuned for some exciting networking opportunities with Unfold!

In the meantime, if you would like to invite Unfold to your current networking group for a meditation or yoga session send us an email to We'll be happy to help you boost your brainpower to help you see your full potential!

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