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Wellness Presentations

Employee wellness presentations based in Chicago, and offered virtually, anywhere!

Support the physical and mental health of your company's biggest asset - your people!

Our wellness presentations deliver fun, interactive, and accessible wellbeing education to employees at work. Rooted in the ancient practices of mindfulness, but designed to support busy modern day professionals, our interactive presentations include office-friendly moving, breathing, and meditation activities. Participants learn strategies to create new healthy habits and implement stress reduction practices into their work day and daily life.


Presentations can be done onsite or virtually, and include hand-outs and complimentary on-demand videos. All presentations are taught by Unfold's founders, and can be scheduled a la carte or be a part of more robust workplace wellness program. Contact us today! 

Workplace Wellness Presentations

Wellness Presentation Topics

Building Resilience

Your mindset affects how you feel about yourself and how you interact with the world around you. It impacts your ability to stay positive and persevere. People with a resilient mindset respond to stress constructively. In this presentation, you'll learn: 

  • The four core types of resilience 

  • How to analyze your own level of resilience

  • The difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset

  • How to improve your own resiliency through cultivating a growth mindset

  • A simple resilience building practice using visualization and meditation techniques

Mindfulness 101

Mindfulness is a buzzword that everyone is talking about these days - but what does it actually mean, and more importantly, how do you incorporate it into your busy schedule? In this presentation, you'll learn: 

  • What mindfulness is and why it matters

  • The science of neuroplasticity and how it relates to mindfulness

  • Practices to incorporate mindfulness into your and professional life including office-friendly yoga poses, breathing techniques, and meditation. 

Cultivating Kindness + Gratitude 

Kindness is wired into our DNA - find out how! Practicing kindness cultivates gratitude, which gives rise to joy. In this presentation, you'll learn: 

  • Evolutionary based research on the benefits of kindness and gratitude practices.

  • What the vagus nerve is and how gratitude practices affect it.

  • An introduction to metta, a traditional meditation technique designed to cultivate gratitude and loving-kindness to yourself and others

  • How to practice metta meditation

Productivity Hacks

In today’s modern world, we’re all looking to do MORE and do it FASTER. Our ability to focus and be productive is a skill that can be developed with the help of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. In this presentation, you’ll learn: 

  • What mindfulness is and how it helps you to increase your productivity and ability to focus your attention.

  • Why multitasking is a myth and how to improve your ability to “single task”.

  • How to calm and focus your racing mind with yoga, breathing, and meditation techniques.

Habits, Goals, + Mindful Intentions

At the intersection of habits, goal setting, and mindfulness, lies the power of intention. Yogic tradition offers an approach to intention setting called a sankalpa, or resolution. A sankalpa is deeper than the achievement of a goal; it's an internal alignment of how you show up for yourself. In this presentation, you'll learn: 

  • What a sankapla is and how it differs from traditional goal setting 

  • How to create your own sankalpa, and how keep it top of mind so it serves you

  • How to commit to healthy habits that support your sankapla through S.M.A.R.T. goal setting best practices 

Conscious Relaxation For Better Sleep 

Do you find yourself tossing and turning some nights with a running to-do list in your mind? You know that sleep is imperative to your wellbeing, but it can feel impossible to get some much-needed shuteye! Conscious relaxation, or yoga nidra as it's called in Sanskrit, is guided meditation practice that facilitates deep rest on a physical, emotional, and energetic level. In this presentation, you'll learn:

  • Current science about why we sleep and how to improve your own

  • How to quiet your mind when your internal to-do list is on overdrive

  • Yoga poses you can do right before bed, even IN bed, to help your body relax

  • An introduction to yoga nidra, a guided meditation practice for deep rest

  • A guided yoga nidra practice and take-home recording to use before bed

Burnout Breakthrough + Stress RX 

Burnout is a condition experienced by workers and other professionals, in which they develop depression-like symptoms as a result of aspects of their role. In this presentation, you'll learn:

  • What burnout is and how it manifests in your mind and body

  • The difference between acute stress, chronic stress

  • The chronic stress cycle and how it leads to burnout

  • Underlying causes for burnout in the workplace, unique to you

  • How mindfulness helps navigate you out of burnout

  • Office-friendly mindfulness techniques to prevent burnout

Healthy Posture In Mind + Body

What does it mean to have "good posture"? Healthy posture is more than just the physical body looking a certain way. It's an elegantly complex system that includes the body, the breath, and the mind. In this presentation, you’ll learn:

  • What healthy posture is, what it's not, and why it matters

  • How to address common posture pitfalls and discomforts

  • Basic postural anatomy including the spine, core, and breathing function

  • Office-friendly yoga poses to improve the health of your back and core

  • How to create healthy posture habits that last

Nurturing Emotional Intelligence

Mindfulness nurtures self-awareness, a key component of emotional intelligence. Keeping your mind and body calm despite challenges and uncertainty is critical to wellbeing. In this presentation, you’ll learn: 

  • How to cultivate awareness and identify triggers of your own emotional reactions

  • How to use mindfulness to objectively see your emotions clearly 

  • The basics of emotional hijacking and how to prevent it 

  • An introduction to R.A.I.N., a mindfulness meditation technique to support emotional intelligence and stress reduction

Mindful Eating

Learning to eat mindfully can transform your relationship with food. Food should nourish and sustain you, not make you feel anxious our guilty. Preparing, eating, and enjoying a meal can be a meditation itself. In this presentation, you'll learn: 

  • What mindfulness is and how it can improve your relationship with food.

  • Mindfulness techniques for preparing, eating, and enjoying meals - no diets allowed!

  • Meditation practices to inspire your to eat joyfully and with gratitude. 

Women, Work, + Wellbeing

Women's groups are a wonderful way to connect and support female employees. If your company currently has a women's group, this presentation is a great way to bring women together to discuss issues relevant to their workplace wellbeing. If you don't have one, this presentation is a great way to gauge interest and start! In this presentation, you'll learn: 

  • Key points of largest study about women in the workplace

  • How to identify internal vs. external stressors

  • Why stress is not the enemy and how mindfulness can help you manage stress

  • Office-friendly movement + meditation practices you can do anytime 

  • Tips to manage workplace stress

CLE Approved Presentations

Many of our presentations have been approved for CLE / MCLE credits through the Minimum Continuing Legal Education Board of the Supreme Court of Illinois. We're happy to work with you on the approval process and tailor presentations as needed. Please contact us for details. 

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