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Virtual Wellbeing Boxes

Virtual Wellbeing Boxes are themed packages of five 10-minute videos to help employees feel better and work better. Participants receive a new video each day for five days. Unlimited participants. One flat rate. Instant access. 

Why Employees Love It

  • Accessible: Easy to follow videos, right at your desk.

  • Practical: No change of clothes or equipment needed.

  • Convenient: Practice anytime, no schedule barriers.

  • User Friendly: Simply open an email and hit play. 

  • Fun: 95% say they would recommend it to a friend!

Why Companies Love It

  • Economical: Unlimited participants.

  • Valuable: Access does not expire.

  • Turnkey: Effortless registration and instant access. 

  • Flexible: Start any time. 

  • Measurable: Track registration and engagement.

Image by Marion Botella

Grounded In Gratitude

Gratitude gives rise to joy. Learn the foundation of how to build a gratitude practice through office-friendly movement, breathing, and meditation.

Image by Jess Bailey

De-Stress At Your Desk

Release chronic stress in the neck, shoulders, hips, and low back. Desk workers will feel better and work better in just 10 minutes a day. 

Image by Igor Son

Posture Perfection

Tech neck and slouching be gone! Unlock five keys to sustainable healthy posture that lasts. You'll feel more energized and confident. 

Image by Yolk CoWorking - Krakow

Virtual Wellbeing Boxes

A five part video series, delivered right to your  employees' inbox, created to effortlessly support your workplace wellness goals.

K. Giblin,
SPHR, SHRM - SCP Director, Human Resources

Our staff spent the pandemic working from kitchen tables, couches, and home office desks. Compounded with stress, anxiety, and a raft of physical ailments from poor ergonomics, are the reasons we offered the Virtual Wellbeing Box. BEST PROGRAM we have offered.

Samantha K.,
CEP, MS, Client Manager - Wellness, Horton 

The Virtual Wellbeing Box was turnkey and so easy to implement during our busiest time of the year. The customized participation report provided great insight and made it easy for us to reward our staff that participated. 10/10 experience as a participant and the organizer!

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