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We're Katie + Nicole, co-founders of Unfold. Before we started Unfold, we both had corporate jobs. We were busy, stressed out, and wanted a simple way to feel better at work. We loved yoga, but found it hard to make it class. We've designed our classes to be done right at your desk, no change of clothes or equipment needed.

We're 100% women owned and operated. We pride ourselves on being sincere and authentic, and we've created a community around these values. We love what we do and we can't wait to share it with you. Thanks for making your wellbeing a priority.

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Nicole Elipas Doherty


500 Hr. RYT

Nicole discovered yoga over 20 years ago to help her with chronic migraines and stress. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Art History from Vanderbilt University, and a JD from Chicago-Kent College of Law. She worked as an attorney before becoming a yoga teacher. She co-founded Unfold in 2014 with a desire to bring the benefits of yoga to busy office workers, just like herself. When she's not teaching yoga, you can find Nicole hanging out with her family, painting, and cooking. She is a registered 500-hour yoga teacher and mindfulness meditation instructor.

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Katie Rowe Mitchell


500 Hr. RYT

Katie became interested in yoga as a means to treat back pain. She holds a BFA in design and worked as a creative marketing director before becoming a yoga teacher. She co-founded Unfold in 2014 with a desire to help busy office workers, like herself, improve their wellbeing. When she's not teaching yoga, you can find Katie hanging out with her family, making pizza, and walking her dog. She is a registered 500-hour yoga teacher, registered 85-hour prenatal yoga teacher, and mindfulness meditation instructor. 

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Our Values


Small changes create radical results.

We believe taking care of yourself is PART OF your work, not an afterthought. Schedule wellness breaks into your day just like you would any other meeting, conference call, or appointment. We inspire you to prioritize your wellbeing so you’re able to show up for your life in the ways that matter most.


No fancy gear, no change of clothes, come as you are.

We teach practical techniques that can be done at the office or at home. Classes are simple enough to be done in a chair, but impactful enough to shift your entire day. They are accessible enough for a complete beginner, but inspiring enough for a seasoned practitioner.


We practice what we preach.

We do what we do because we’ve experienced the benefits first hand. We show up for you the same way we show up for ourselves. Our founders not only teach classes, but they attend classes as students, in community. We're not machines; we're real humans with real challenges and discomforts, just like you.  

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What Are We Unfolding?

We chose the name Unfold because it speaks to what is possible. What do you need to unfold in your life? Joy? Courage? Balance? Perhaps you want to uncover a healthier body or a calmer mind? Maybe a little gratitude is in order? 


Regardless of your intention, the practice is the same: pause, slow down, anchor yourself, and allow the present moment to arise. Gently pay attention to what is, without judgement. Get clear on what is actually happening. And be inspired by what is possible.


This is easier said than done. That’s why there are tools to apply to the practice and teachers to guide and inspire you. We’re so excited to continue this journey of introspection, mindfulness, and movement with you.