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Office Yoga

Office Yoga Classes for Cook County, IL. Offered on-site at your office or virtually, anywhere!

Do you work a desk job that is causing you stress, back pain, or poor posture? You may benefit from office yoga.
Yoga can significantly reduce stress, alleviate back pain, improve posture, and realign your thoughts and intentions so that you can power through the rest of your work day. From desk and chair yoga to meditation and full Vinyasa flow yoga sequences, we have a variety of yoga courses for you to choose from.

Our yoga classes are perfect for individuals who work desk jobs at home or onsite, as well as for employers to encourage their entire team to experience the healing and realigning power of yoga.

We are excited to offer our office yoga classes to employees and employers across Cook County, IL. Book your strategy call today to get started!

How Office Yoga Can Improve Your Workday

When you take the time out of each workday to re-center with yoga, your mind and body (or your employees) will thank you. Not only does yoga help to reduce stress and increase relaxation while spending long hours at the desk, but it can significantly improve your posture and flexibility. 

Improving posture and flexibility can strengthen core muscles, increase range of motion, and reduce tension in the neck, shoulder, and back. And because yoga increases blood flow and oxygenation, practicing yoga can offer an energy boost to help you power through your remaining work day.

Practicing yoga in the office (or before you begin your work day) can also offer enhanced mental clarity and concentration. This is because yoga encourages you to re-center your focus on the moment, which can help you stay focused and productive during long workdays. And finally, yoga allows individuals a break from technology, offering a moment to disconnect and recharge their mind and body.

Overall, office yoga can provide a number of physical and mental benefits that can significantly improve your overall health and well-being, leading to happier, more productive workdays. To get started, contact us today and book a strategy call or schedule a class.


Choose from our three signature offerings, on-site or virtual. Classes range from 30 - 60 minutes.

One flat rate, unlimited participants.

Desk + Chair

Chair yoga, right at your desk! No change of clothes or equipment needed.

Meditate + Breathe

Guided meditation, breathwork, and stress reduction techniques, all office friendly. 

Move + Flow

Vinyasa flow yoga on mats.
Rent ours or have employees bring their own. 

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