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Unfold provides office-friendly mindfulness, chair yoga, and stress reduction programs designed to support the wellbeing of busy desk workers.


We call this class "De-Stress At Your Desk" because it does exactly that. Follow along, right at your desk, and don't miss the special offer at the end! 

Thanks for watching!

We're happy you took some time to slow down and care for your wellbeing. So often we intend to prioritize self-care, but busy schedules get in the way. 

We get it. Before we started Unfold, we both had corporate jobs. We were busy, stressed out, and wanted a simple way to feel better at work. We've designed our classes to be done right at your desk, no change of clothes or equipment needed.


Meaningful change requires consistency. We hope this experience inspires you to TAKE ACTION!

Keep up the momentum with Unfold Digital.

Unfold Digital is an online wellness membership platform designed to support the wellbeing of office workers, without having to leave your desk or change your clothes. Classes help to:

Workplace Wellness, Corporate Wellness, Office Yoga, Employee Wellness

Membership Includes:

Unfold Digital classes are simple enough to be done in a chair, but impactful enough to shift your entire day. Classes include a blend of chair yoga, breath-work, and mindfulness meditation - all office friendly.

Claim 50% OFF!

$30  $15


 Lock-in 50% off our monthly plan, includes FREE 2-week trial.

Image by Leone Venter


Kari D.

"I want to share my gratitude for the 30-minute classes. I absolutely love them. It’s a nice break in the day and the stretches are working those pain areas."

Rema S.

"Thank you again for holding the space to connect and spread mindfulness, calm, and peace to so many who need it these days – I deeply value and appreciate this time together. It breaks me out of my work routine & constant 'doing'.”

Anthony Y.

"It helps to clear my mind and is a big relief from sitting in front of a computer all day."

Image by Denys Striyeshyn

Our Values


Practice kindness towards yourself and others.

We believe that kindness is an essential component of self-care. Schedule wellness breaks into your day just like you would any other meeting, conference call, or appointment. We inspire you to prioritize your wellbeing so you’re able to show up for your life in the ways that matter most.


No fancy gear, no change of clothes, come as you are.

We teach practical techniques that can be done at the office or at home. Classes are simple enough to be done in a chair, but impactful enough to shift your entire day. They are accessible enough for a complete beginner, but inspiring enough for a seasoned practitioner.


We practice what we preach.

We do what we do because we’ve experienced the benefits first hand. We show up for you the same way we show up for ourselves. Our founders not only teach classes, but they attend classes as students, in community. We're not machines; we're real humans with real challenges and discomforts, just like you.  

Claim 50% OFF!

 Lock-in 50% off our monthly plan, includes FREE 2-week trial.

$30  $15


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