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Brought to you by the Mary and Bob Arndt Endowment, in partnership with Unfold Yoga + Wellness, to support you and your loved ones during treatment.

Practice Now

Meditation For Beginners

Anyone can meditate. Experience the power of simple breath awareness and gentle movement as an approach to meditation. All you need is a chair. 

Mindfulness means paying attention to the present moment, without judgment. Call on your mindfulness practice anytime, anywhere, to stay centered and calm. Join Nicole, co-founder of Unfold, for a 15-minute guided practice. 

Mindfulness MeditationUnfold Yoga + Wellness
00:00 / 14:36
Mindfulness Meditation
Conscious Relaxation

This technique is a systematic relaxation of your physical, mental, and emotional body. Therapeutic in nature, practice lying down in warm, comfortable clothing. Join Katie, co-founder of Unfold, for a 20-min session.

Conscious RelaxationUnfold Yoga + Wellness
00:00 / 19:04
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Enjoy class?

If you found these classes helpful and want to continue to practice with Unfold, try our online membership, Unfold Digital PLUS, for free.

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