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Nurture your wellbeing, at work and beyond.

Office-friendly mindfulness, chair yoga, and stress reduction programs designed to support the wellbeing of busy desk workers.

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Burnout? Nope. 

Humans spend one third of their lives working. It’s hard to be productive if your body is exhausted and your mind is overwhelmed. Over half of employees report feeling burned out. Let's change that! 


Who We Serve

Sit behind a computer all day?

We serve companies, employees, and any individual looking to feel better and work better. Whether you work from home or in an office, for yourself or for a business, we believe that in order to do your best work, you need to feel your best from the inside out.

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Kari D.

"I want to share my gratitude for the 30-minute classes. I absolutely love them. It’s a nice break in the day and the stretches are working those pain areas."

Rema S.

"Thank you again for holding the space to connect and spread mindfulness, calm, and peace to so many who need it these days – I deeply value and appreciate this time together. It breaks me out of my work routine & constant 'doing'.”

Anthony Y.

"It helps to clear my mind and is a big relief from sitting in front of a computer all day."

Tidy Desk

What We Offer

Corporate Services

We offer 3 signature classes including desk + chair, move + flow, and meditate + breathe. We also have over 15 wellness presentations on topics including Mindfulness, Posture, and Stress Reduction. All of our offerings can be done virtually or on-site at your office.

Online Memberships

Unfold Digital PLUS is an online membership of live and on-demand office chair yoga, breathwork, and meditation classes - right at your desk. Memberships can be purchased by individuals or by companies. We offer corporate rates, subsidies, and employee funded options.

How It Works

1. Schedule A Call


Schedule a call to chat about your goals. We'll walk through our offerings, discuss budget, and learn about your company culture. 

2. Create A Plan

We'll create a custom proposal that outlines all the details needed to bring your workplace wellness vision to life.

3. Promote + Launch

We'll work with you promote your program to employees. Boost engagement through custom marketing materials and launch support.

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Tech-Neck RX Class
(instant access)

A free10-minute class to help you unwind stress in the neck and shoulders and improve your posture. Follow along, right at your desk.Get instant access now!

10-Minute Tune-Ups
(weekly in your inbox)

Subscribe to receive weekly 10-Minute Tune-Ups, quick office-friendly movement + mindfulness breaks to reduce stress and feel your best.