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 10-Minute Tune-Up Trio!

A mini video series to help you quickly reduce stress, improve posture, and alleviate the discomforts associated with computer work and daily living. 

What's the Tune-Up Trio?

10-Minute Tune-Ups are quick chair yoga and mindfulness classes designed to help busy people alleviate the aches and pains associated with computer work and daily living. 

Tech-neck? NOPE! 

Low back pain? SEE YA!

Mental stress? CHILL! 

We've bundled our most popular 10-Minute Tune-Ups into a mini video series to help you kick-start your wellbeing journey. Our mission is to banish burnout, one breath at a time. Join us!

What You Get

The 10-Minute Tune-Up Trio includes three classes: Tech-Neck RX, Low Back Love, and Mental Reset. You'll receive an email each day with a new class. Just click play and follow along, right at your desk or dining room table. No change of clothes or equipment needed.

Tech-Neck RX

Tech-Neck is caused by repetitive strain on the neck muscles while looking down at a computer or phone. This 10-minute class will reduce pain and teach you better habits.

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Low Back Love

Lower back pain is the leading cause of missed work globally. This 10-minute class will ease tension, strengthen weak muscles, and improve posture to prevent future flair ups.

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Mental Reset

Unmanaged mental stress and anxiety lead to burnout. This 10-minute class will help you to slow down racing thoughts so you can focus on the task at hand. You'll feel energized, yet calm.  

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About Unfold

Unfold supports the wellbeing of busy desk workers through office-friendly stress reduction programs. We're 100% women owned and operated. We value kindness and simplicity and have build a community around these values. Feel better, work better. Unfold with us!

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Kari D.

"I want to share my gratitude for the classes. I absolutely love them. It’s a nice break in the day and the stretches are working those pain areas."

Rema S.

"Thank you again for holding the space to connect and spread mindfulness, calm, and peace to so many who need it these days – I deeply value and appreciate this time together. It breaks me out of my work routine & constant 'doing'.”

Anthony Y.

"It helps to clear my mind and is a big relief from sitting in front of a computer all day."

Image by Georgie Cobbs
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Keep self-care simple. Small changes create big shifts. You're gonna love these classes. :) 

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