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“Katie is truly a breath of fresh air in my work day! I've been practicing yoga for most of my life, yet I struggle to find any time for it as a working mother. Katie's classes are fun and varied in a way which invites newcomers as well. Whether it's with a flow sequence, alignment using walls, or special breathing practices, Katie has a way of getting all of us out of our work days and trying new things. When I leave her class I am better able to tackle work challenges and I feel generally calmer. Thank you Katie!”

~ Rose G., Corporate Client

"Nicole is an outstanding yoga instructor. She comes to our office several times per month and is able to accommodate a wide range of yoga practitioners. It’s amazing how much she fits into a 45 minute yoga session. We are fortunate to have her as our instructor."

~ Mark V., Chicago Attorney

"Katie has great technical expertise in yoga, and she is able to describe the poses so precisely to help her students deepen and refine their yoga practice. She also delivers a nice balance of centering exercises with challenging poses (and the encouragement to attempt something you didn't think you could do). Lastly, I really appreciate it that she changes yoga exercises every week so that you never feel stuck in a routine and you get to focus on different areas."

~ Julie A., Corporate Client

"Nicole is a great instructor who makes each class challenging and fun for beginners through the advanced. I look forward to each and every session. I apply what I've learned in class to my very busy work and personal life and am amazed in what a difference it makes."

~ Barbara J., Chicago Attorney

“I've taken Katie's yoga class on and off for the past 3 years. Off because of a back issue. Katie has encouraged me to work at my own level. No pressure, just encouragement as I cautiously add more challenging positions to my yoga practice. Katie has a wealth of experience working with a class of students at all different levels and emphasizing different body parts week over week. I leave her classes feeling balanced and with a sense of calm. Namaste."

~Lisa, Corporate Client

"I never considered yoga before Nicole came to our office. I am glad I gave it a try. Nicole has been great in helping a novice, like myself, get started. In each session, I have learned something new from Nicole, whether it be a different stretch or better control of my breathing. Nicole's yoga sessions have not only improved my flexibility, but  have also helped me to relax in the face of stress that can arise from an office work environment. 

~ Todd S., Chicago Attorney

"I always leave class with Katie feeling centered, relaxed, and ready for whatever my day has. She is very patient and helpful with novices like myself. She makes class a pleasure and I learn something new each time."

~ Amy C., Corporate Client

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