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Our Approach


Small changes create radical results.

We believe taking care of yourself is PART OF your work, not an afterthought. Schedule wellness breaks into your day just like you would any other meeting, conference call, or appointment. We inspire you to prioritize your wellbeing so you’re able to show up for your life in the ways that matter most.


No fancy gear, no change of clothes, come as you are.

We teach practical techniques that can be done at the office or at home. Classes are simple enough to be done in a chair, but impactful enough to shift your entire day. They are accessible enough for a complete beginner, but inspiring enough for a seasoned practitioner.


We practice what we preach.

We do what we do because we’ve experienced the benefits first hand. We show up for you the same way we show up for ourselves. Our founders not only teach classes, but they attend classes as students, in community. We're not machines; we're real humans with real challenges and discomforts, just like you.  

Your company's turnkey solution to help employees feel better + work better.

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Virtual Wellbeing Box: De-Stress At Your Desk

Your company's turnkey solution to help employees feel better + work better.

Empower employees to manage stress better.
VWB Learn More

We're excited to share this season's Virtual Wellbeing Box: De-Stress At Your Desk. Virtual Wellbeing Boxes are themed packages of five videos to help employees feel better and work better. Participants receive a new video each day for five days containing office-friendly chair yoga, breathing, and meditation techniques that support each theme.

Why Employees Love It
  • Accessible: Easy to follow videos, right at your desk.

  • Practical: No change of clothes / equipment needed.

  • Convenient: Practice anytime, no schedule barriers.

  • User Friendly: Simply open an email and hit play. 

  • Fun: 95% say they would recommend it to a friend!

Why Companies Love It
  • Economical: Unlimited participants, one flat rate.

  • Valuable: Access content for entire season.

  • Turnkey: Effortless registration + program roll-out. 

  • Flexible: Choose any start date. 

  • Measurable: Track registration engagement.

S. Kabureck, CEP, MS, Wellness Client Manager, Horton Group

The videos are absolutely wonderful!! I’ve loved the first two and can’t wait for the rest!

K. Giblin, SPHR, SHRM - SCP Director, Human Resources

Our staff spent the pandemic working from kitchen tables, couches, and home office desks. Compounded with stress, anxiety, and a raft of physical ailments from poor ergonomics, are the reasons we offered this program. BEST PROGRAM we have offered.

D. Tyler, Senior Account Manager, Assurance

This was great! This has been one of my major POSITIVES during COVID! Thanks for uplifting and unfolding me!

De-Stress At Your Desk

Video Schedule

Image by Jess Bailey


Kick off the week with our signature Desk + Chair Yoga class to reduce stress. 




Quickly reduce low back pain, achy hips,  and improve spine health.




Unwind tension in the shoulders and upper back and become aware of slouching.




Relieve achy wrists from typing all day and improve joint health.




Unlock your jaw, ease tension headaches, and reduce mental stress.



How It Works

1. Schedule A Call


Schedule a call to discuss the program details, start date, and logistics. We'll get your questions answered! 

2. Create A Plan

We have two ways to deliver content to your employees: through your email system or through ours. Both are easy! We'll decide which is best for you.

3. Launch

We'll work with you promote your program to employees. Boost engagement through custom marketing materials and launch support.

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body tension chart.jpg
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Program Includes: 

  • 5 videos sent to employees' inbox, each day of the week.

  • Access to all videos for the entire year.

  • Unlimited participants.

  • Choose your own start date.

  • Custom registration link and participation report. 

  • Custom email workflow series.

  • 50% OFF Live Virtual Wellness Presentation with Unfold.

Total Value: $1,000
Cost: $500 


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