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Want Love? Give Love. Try Metta!

metta meditation

Metta What?

Metta means “loving-kindness”. A loving-kindness meditation offers heartfelt wishes of wellbeing and gratitude to yourself and others. It guides us to cultivate empathy and accept both happiness and sadness with an open heart. Metta meditation helps us to become friends with the full spectrum of humanity and life experience, without judgment.

Metta Is Not ...

Metta meditation is not the same as forcing yourself to think positively or see the glass half-full. “There is no need to feel loving or kind during metta practice. Rather, we meditate on our intentions, however weak or strong they may be. At its heart, loving-kindness practice involves giving expression to our wishes for the well-being and happiness of ourselves or others.” (

FREE Metta Meditation!

Enjoy this FREE 3-minute metta meditation, led by the wonderful Nicole! Practice it at your desk and let us know how it makes you feel!

Metta Meditation Challenge:

Our 30-Day Metta Meditation Challenge will create positive new habits to reduce stress, increase happiness, and build company morale!

  • Unfold will come to your office for four weekly on-site meditation trainings.

  • After learning a new technique each week, employees will practice a 5-minute metta meditation each day on their own.

  • Those who complete the challenge win a free gift!


Katie + Nicole

Co-Founders, Unfold Yoga + Wellness

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