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De-Stress At Your Desk: 10-Minute Tune-Up

If you're short on time, but feel like you're suffering from aches and pains caused by desk work, hit play and follow along!

This class was inspired by friend of mine who works in an office behind a computer all day. She asked what are the best poses she could do, right at her desk, if she only had 10 minutes. Great question!

I immediately thought of the spine. Gentle dynamic movements of the spine in all of its key directions of mobility help to improve posture, circulation, and energy levels. Additionally, it's important to move the hips and spine into extension to balance out the effects of sitting.

This week's 10-Minute Tune-Up, De-Stress At Your Desk, is an abbreviated version of our live 30-minute Unfold Digital classes. If you enjoyed this practice, register here to receive free weekly 10-Minute Tune-Ups, right in your inbox every Tuesday. Or start your free trial of Unfold Digital for a deeper dive into workplace stress management. Happy moving!

In health,

Katie Rowe Mitchell

Co-Founder, Unfold + Unfold Digital


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