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How To Practice Sun Salutations, Right At Your Desk

Today’s 10-Minute Tune-Up: Sun Salutations At Your Desk, is in celebration of International Women’s Day. This sequence is empowering and energizing - just like all the amazing women we know and love! Marked annually on March 8th, this global holiday honors the achievements of women, raises awareness for social and cultural equality, and is a collective call to action for the advancement of women everywhere.

I’m happy to share that Unfold is 100% women owned and operated, and I’m so proud of what my partner, Nicole, and I have accomplished in almost a decade of entrepreneurship together. We pride ourselves on being sincere and authentic, and we've created a community around these values. We're grateful for all the women who have paved the way and supported us in our vision.

In honor of this special day, I thought I would share with you one of my favorite ways to incorporate movement and mindfulness into my workday through an office-friendly version of the classic yoga sequence, Sun Salutation B. This sequence is traditionally done on a yoga mat, but here at Unfold we’re all about bringing the ancient practices of yoga and meditation into our modern-day workplaces.

This sequence is empowering and energizing because of the dynamic nature of the postures, yet it also effectively calms the nervous system by mindfully liking breath and movement. It’s my go to practice anytime I’m in need of a little self-care, but don’t have a lot of time. This creative adaptation is wonderful example of our core values in action:

  1. PRACTICALITY: No fancy gear, no change of clothes, come as you are. We teach practical techniques that can be done at the office or at home. Classes are simple enough to be done in a chair, but impactful enough to shift your entire day. They are accessible enough for a complete beginner but inspiring enough for a seasoned practitioner

  2. MINDSET: Small chances create radical results. We believe taking care of yourself is PART OF your work, not an afterthought. Schedule wellness breaks into your day just like you would any other meeting, conference call, or appointment. We inspire you to prioritize your wellbeing so you’re able to show up for your life in the ways that matter most.

  3. SINCERITY: We practice what we preach. We do what we do because we’ve experienced the benefits firsthand. We show up for you the same way we show up for ourselves. Our founders not only teach classes, but they attend classes as students, in community. We're not machines; we're real humans with real challenges and discomforts, just like you.

I hope you love this 10-Minute Tune-Up as much as I do! Did you know we send these out for free every week, right to your inbox? Subscribe here to receive them. Happy moving and happy International Women’s Day!

In kindness,

Katie Rowe Mitchell

Co-Founder, Unfold & Unfold Digital


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