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Mental Health Awareness Month Mindfulness Practice

Did you know that Mental Health Awareness Month began in 1949? Honor this month by tuning into your own mental health through breath-work, mindful movement and meditation. Join Unfold Co-Founder Nicole for a quick 10 minute mindfulness class.

If you enjoyed this class and want more, get our free 10-Minute Tune-Up Trio, a mini video series to help you quickly reduce stress, improve posture, and alleviate the discomforts associated with computer work and daily living. Get The Trio HERE!

Happy Moving!

Nicole Doherty

Co-Founder, Unfold

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02 апр.
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Hi Nicole- loved this mindfulness practice! I think we need to focus on Mental Health Awareness month in our personal and professional lives more than we do. I know myself and my peers struggle with work-life balance a lot, so wanted to share this blog I found helpful so we can all work towards better habits with our mental health:

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