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Alternate Nostril Breath For Mental + Emotional Balance

Alternate Nostril Breath is one of my go to practices when I feel like my mind is getting pulled in too many directions. It's simple, safe, and quickly creates a sense of mental and emotional balance. Additional benefits include improved cardiovascular function, respiratory endurance, and reduced stress levels.

Join me for a 10-Minute Tune-Up, Alternate Nostril Breath, and experience the benefits for yourself. This class breaks down the technique with step-by-step instructions and practice tips, and includes a gentle seated stretching session.

If you enjoyed this class and want more, get our FREE 10-Minute Tune-Up Trio, a mini video series to help you quickly reduce stress, improve posture, and alleviate the discomforts associated with computer work and daily living.

Happy Breathing!

Katie Rowe Mitchell

Co-Founder, Unfold


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