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Hello Spring!

The world seemed a little different when I last saw you. We've now had exactly four weeks since our last in-office session with a client. Four weeks of migrating all of our business online via live webinar. Four weeks of added Unfold Digital free programming. A lot has happened in 4 weeks!

We have been blown away by your support and adaptability. Many companies chose to continue their current classes online. Many companies have scheduled new classes to combat the feelings of anxiety and uncertainty that their offices are feeling now that everyone is working from home. And so many of you are participating in our live free Unfold Digital classes every Tuesday and Thursday. Thank you. Check out all these zoom classes!

On the home front, I've been enjoying seeing Spring blossom before my very eyes each day. We have bird feeders out in the yard. My 1.5 year old James is enthralled by birds chirping and flying. Danny, 3.5, loves seeing the occasional bunny and frequent squirrel run through our yard.

I'm not sure if it's the quarantine or seeing nature through my kids' eyes, but this season feels especially precious to me. We venture outside safely every day, even if its just a walk in the backyard and driveway. We've seen sun, rain, wind, chill, warmth and even snow over these 4 weeks at home.

Having two adults working from home sharing a home office with two young kids has been interesting. We've been trying to focus on the positives. The kids are loving having mom and dad around 24/7. Family dinners have been the highlight of our days. We are cooking more, and together. We have the occasional hiccup where a silly kid runs in on a live conference call or online class, but generally life has been simple and fairly smooth.

Over at Unfold, Katie and I launched two new classes this past week. These online classes are 60-minute a-la-carte yoga classes, $12 per person. We did one Desk + Chair class and one Move + Flow yoga class this week as a test. These are the same classes we offer to our corporate clients, but we are now allowing individual sign-ups, rather than a corporate group registration. We hope you enjoyed them!

Please continue to spread the word about our free Unfold Digital classes. We think it's important for everyone to find moments of self-care, steadiness and calm throughout the day. You can send to your employees, friends, family... anyone!

We've had registrants from the UK, Australia, and all around the US.

I truly hope you are doing well and staying safe. We will keep doing online classes as long as there is a demand for them. You can reach out to us at any time to schedule classes for your group.

"See" you online!

~ Nicole

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