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Resolve To Drop the Resolutions

Every January, I'm bombarded with messages from wellness companies telling me what I need to change about myself. Lose weight. Eat better. Workout. These New Year's resolutions imply that I SHOULD be something that I'm currently not. I invite you to push the PAUSE button on this narrative. I've found that "SHOULDS" are based in shame, not sustainable, healthy change. Can you relate? As my grandma says, "Katie, a should life is a SHIT life!" In yoga, there is a concept called a sankalpa. It means intention or resolve. It is a positive, life affirming statement that you're dedicated to achieving within the next year. It can be a goal to achieve, a state of mind to nurture, or even a word or image that supports the intention. A sankalpa is different from a New Year's resolution. It begins with the notion that you are already whole and complete. If you want to change something about yourself, great; but the change needs to arise by focusing your attention on positive, life affirming desires. So, to create your own sankalpa, reflect on how you want to FEEL, rather than what you SHOULD do. Consider a typical resolution like losing weight. What is the reason behind this change? What is the intention? Does it come from societal pressure to look a certain way? Does it come from a place of shame? Or, rather, do you want to lose weight so that you will feel your best and cultivate a healthy relationship with your body? Instead of saying "I SHOULD lose weight," say something like "I want to FEEL healthy and happy." Then, if losing weight helps you to feel healthy and happy, doing so can be part of your sankapla. A sankapla is a PRACTICE. It's not magic. It requires work. Yoga and mindfulness are tools that will help you master that work. They provide the framework to keep you aligned with your intention. They keep you focused. Although this work is deeply personal, it's helpful to have support. Would you like some inspiration in creating your own sankalpa? If so, please join me on this FRIDAY January 8th from 12:30-1pm CT for a completely FREE workshop: Create Your Sankalpa. Register even if you can't make the live session. All registrants will be sent a recording of the workshop. Free Workshop includes:

  • Sankalpa 101 discussion

  • Gentle seated chair yoga practice

  • Guided sankalpa focused meditation

  • Action plan to keep your sankapla top of mind through 2021

I hope these practices support you on your journey to wholeness.

Love, Katie


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