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Unfold on TV

Katie and Nicole, co-founders of Unfold, were on Windy City LIVE yesterday to talk about doing yoga at work! See the first segment here.

Hosts Ryan and Val had never done yoga before, so we were honored to be their very first yoga teachers! Val remarked at the top of the show (not in the clip) that she felt better even after doing 5 minutes of yoga during dress rehearsal. Try out the poses along with them and see how you feel.

During the second segment, we discussed using yoga poses and breathing techniques to get a better night's sleep. You can watch us here. We think it's so important to unplug from your work day, set up a nighttime routine that you actually enjoy, and use yoga and breathwork to help prepare your mind and body for rest. Though we were talking about slowing down at night, we certainly had a few laughs on the show.

Feel free to share your favorite pose or breathing technique with us in the comments below!

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