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Unfold's Desk + Chair Yoga Class During Focal Upright's Pop-Up Shop Featured in the Chicago

We were thrilled to see the pop-up shop we did with Focal Upright get some press in the Chicago Trib. Check out the full story over at the Tribune.

Photo Credit: Nancy Stone, Chicago Tribune

"To demonstrate the Mogo's health benefits, the Keens offered a morning yoga class at a pop-up shop in Chicago earlier this week. Participants wearing office attire planted their feet on the floor, rested their buttocks on the Mogo and lifted their arms high above their heads.

'Look up,' said the yoga instructor. 'Press your seat bones down into your seat.'"

That "yoga instructor" was our very own Katie Rowe Mitchell! And check out Nicole in the image below demonstrating one of Unfold's favorite office friendly yoga poses, Desk Dog.

Photo Credit: Nancy Stone, Chicago Tribune

We are very passionate about making desk workers happier and healthier through yoga. The decision to partner with Focal Upright was easy because they have the same goals. The marriage between yoga and their furniture was seamless. It was a blast to come up with yoga routines incorporating their versatile Mogo seats and standing desks.

We love the Mogo seats so much, we invested in them for the Unfold office right here in Chicago! Unfold also teamed up wtih Focal to create a custom video series showing busy professionals how to do fun, easy yoga routines using Mogo seats to ease common workplace ailments. The video series will be released next month - stay tuned!

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