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Desk + Chair Yoga Workshop

Our second workshop at yogaview is almost here! Please join us on October 17th from 3-5pm. yogaview is located at 2211 N. Elston in Chicago.

Do you work in an office? Have you suffered from low back pain, wrist discomfort, shoulder tension, or headaches? Have you ever felt tired, stressed, or overwhelmed at work? Yoga can help!

Our Desk + Chair Yoga Workshop is specifically designed to teach office workers how to integrate simple and effective yoga poses, meditation techniques, and breathing practices into their busy workday. The cumulative effects of yoga help you to be the best version of yourself, both at the office and in your daily life.

We’ll cover: • Desk + chair yoga you can do at work in your business clothes; • Yoga asana (poses) for common workplace ailments such as low back/hip pain, wrist issues, headaches, and neck/shoulder tension; • Yoga asana for better posture; • Meditation techniques that help increase focus and productivity; • Practical breathing techniques that help reduce stress and anxiety; and, • Yoga asana to do before bed for a good night’s sleep.

You’ll leave with tools to help you manage pain and stress, and a detailed manual to help you remember how to practice yoga at your office. Research continues to show that a consistent yoga and meditation practice changes your brain for the better. Yoga helps to reduce stress and bring creativity, innovation, and productivity to the place many of us spend the majority of our time – the office!

Attire: Feel free to wear yoga clothes, or any clothing that you might wear to your office. Our aim is to help you create a yoga system that works for you no matter where you are, or what you’re wearing. If you don’t have your own yoga mat, one will be provided for you.

For more information and to sign up click here. If you sign up before October 1, you'll get a $5 discount.

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