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Fill Your Cup This Valentine's Day

Take some time today to fill up your self-love reserves. You'll better be able to share love and kindness with others when your cup is full. In this class we'll work on bringing in love and kindness to ourselves, move through the spine to open up our heart-center, and find gratitude for ourselves and others.

One of my favorite ways to take care of myself and decrease my stress levels is to practice deep breathing, mindful movement and gratitude. You'll find all that, and more, in this week's 10-Minute Tune-Up!

Don't forget! We send out these 10-Minute Tune-Up classes every week. Sign up here to receive them, right in your inbox. Short and simple classes are an easy and effective way to keep up with your mind-body health, even when you're really busy.

With Love,

Nicole Doherty

Co-Founder, Unfold


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