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Take Time to Take Care

We're knee deep in the holiday season and, in certain parts of the country, knee deep in snow too. We hope you are staying warm, enjoying time with loved ones, and taking some time to yourself.

It's so easy to get wrapped up in tending to the people, pets, and plants around us while letting our own needs go by the wayside. If you can take a short break, try out our latest 10-Minute Tune-Up: Take Time To Take Care. It's a short, simple movement and mindfulness class to help you tune in to your own body and mind.

When we take time to observe how we're feeling, we can better choose how to move forward. Are we overwhelmed? Hungry? Neglected? Cold? Identifying the root cause of the emotion we're feeling can help you clarify your true feelings. Sometimes just acknowledging how we feel helps to take a load off our shoulders.

We send out these 10-Minute videos for free each week. To get them delivered right to your inbox sign up here. We also have a membership program, Unfold Digital. Our Mindful New Year program will be launching soon. If you want to learn how to create mindful resolution, you'll want to keep your eyes peeled for the launch next week. Get on our list so you don't miss out!

With love and warm feelings,


Unfold Co-Founder


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